Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Shanghai: Moganshan Art

If you like modern art, and like browsing galleries, 50 Moganshan Road is your destination... an area once home to factories and warehouses on the banks of Suzhou Creek has transformed into Shanghai's leading creative arts center, a labyrinth of workshops, studios, and galleries that will keep you busy for an entire afternoon. As you explore you'll find paintings, sculpture, photography, and artists galore... even a film viewing room or two, as filmmakers, architects, and graphic design firms have now taken root in this section of the city. When it's time to rest, there are a few nice cafes and teahouses in the area as well. I had a blueberry smoothie and pastry that totally hit the spot. There is no subway service nearby, so taxi is your best choice. Hint: bring a roll of t p as there might not be any remaining in the restrooms you locate.

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