Friday, January 14, 2011

Liuzhou: Dalongtan Park

Dalongtan Park, which occupies 1,300 acres of land, beautifully showcases the world-famous geography of Guangxi region, and is just 3km south of downtown Liuzhou. I took a taxi from my hotel around 10AM (the No.19 bus goes there as well), and although it was overcast that day, I was rewarded beyond my expectations. A large underground spring serves all of the waters in Dalongtan Park (Longtan Lake, Mirror Lake, Dragon Pool, and Thunder Pool).

There are 22 limestone peaks in the park, and many trails to explore. Along the way you'll find picnic areas, locals fishing, colorful butterflies, stairways leading to viewing pagodas, and Lei Tang Temple, nestled up against the base of one peak. The smell of incense from the spiral burners permeates the air and takes you back to ancient days. Dalongtan Park is must-visit, and I can only imagine the enhanced beauty when one visits on blue sky mornings or afternoons. Admission is free.

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