Sunday, January 23, 2011

Shanghai: The Museum

The Shanghai Museum was founded in 1952, but moved to a larger (and more appropriate) new home in the center of People's Square in 1996. Its collections are extensive, stunning and unsurpassed anywhere else in China. All I can say is, wow...
5 beautifully designed floors, 11 permanent galleries ~ containing over 120,000
pieces total, and 3 special temporary exhibit halls.

The permanent galleries are:

  • Gallery of Ancient Chinese Bronze

  • Gallery of Ancient Chinese Sculpture

  • Gallery of Ancient Chinese Ceramics (my personal favorite)

  • Gallery of Ancient Chinese Jades (incredible artistry)

  • Gallery of Ancient Chinese Paintings

  • Gallery of Ancient Chinese Calligraphy

  • Gallery of Ancient Chinese Seals

  • Gallery of Ancient Chinese Numistics

  • Gallery of Chinese Furniture in Ming and Qing Dynasties

  • Gallery of Arts and Crafts by Chinese Minorities

  • Designed by a local architect, the new museum building is designed in the shape of an ancient bronze cooking vessel called a ding. The building has a round top and a square base, symbolizing the ancient Chinese perception of the world as "round sky, square earth". The Shanghai Museum is a definite must-visit. Admission is 60 yuan... plan on 2 hours at least.

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