Saturday, January 15, 2011

Liuzhou: Ma'an Shan

A few blocks south of downtown Liuzhou and the Liu River is Ma'an Shan (Horse Saddle Mountain), one of many limestone peaks in the area. There are a maze of well built stairways and trails that lead to the top, with many interesting resting stops along the way... places to play badminton or mahjong, viewing pavilions, or wide landings and caves where the locals practice taichi, which is very popular in Liuzhou. Getting to the summit is a workout, so be sure to pack an extra shirt or plan on heading back to the hotel for a shower before your next activity.

I climbed Ma'an Shan a couple of times, and rode the Yufeng cable car (20 yuan ~ entrance inside Yufeng Park) up to the top as well... the views are spectacular up there, and there's a nice strong breeze to keep one cool on those hot subtropical days. Looking north you'll see the Liu River wrap around downtown Liuzhou, and looking south you'll get a beautiful feel of the mountainous Guangxi region. The breeze felt so good one late afternoon that I stayed until the sun went down. The trails are well enough lit at night to navigate without problems.

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