Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nanning: Zoo Plus

A stay in Nanning is not complete without a day at the zoo... however, you'll get far more than that, because in Nanning they know how to have fun. Along with the zoo you get a circus (with various daily performances), aquariums and an aqua theater (also with various daily performances), an amusement park (with state of the art ~
and some not-so state of the art ~ rides), and beautiful parks.

According to my friend, the alligator above had a 6 year old boy for lunch a few years back (the kid hopped over the guard rail so he could pet the beast, and it promptly dragged him into the lagoon and down to the bottom). One of the highlights of the zoo is the bird sanctuary, it's a mammoth exhibit, with many varieties I'd never seen before. And the children in fact do get safe and supervised interaction...

My favorite performance of the day was these acrobats (photo directly below). Unbelievable... as good as any Cirque Du Soleil I've seen in Las Vegas. At one point in the show they put black bags over their heads and kept faking that they were about to lose their balance and go tumbling to the ground. Of course, the audience (packed house as you can see) screamed every time. So great!

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